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For my first post I thought I would introduce you to one of the finest bonsai club auctions in the world.  Click the photo to see the auction site.  My wife and I studied this pot for a long time including having a discussion with the individual who was going to chair the auction.  I think you can see from the site the quality of the pots for sale.  They include Heian-Tofukuji, Heian-Kouzan, and Tsukinowa-Yusen.

If you don’t know these pot makers stayed tuned and I will post a few articles about them and their incredible bonsai pots.

An example of Yusen'w work.

An example of Yusen's work.

On the auction web site a few notable pots including one available for sale from Yorozuen.jp for 360,000 Yen or at today’s trading price $3,850. This beautiful pot by Yusen (月之輪湧泉) can be viewed and purchased at:


One of the site’s owners Fukano Ayumu was the auctioneer at the 2008 Shobin Bonsai Club auction in Japan.  This site has many Tofukuji pots if you have an extreme budget for pots.

One of my favorite pots in this auction was pot number 30 by Tofukuji.  It is a small pot with the dimensions of 間口20.8cm奥行17.2cm高2.5cm.

Tofukuji (平安東福寺) Bonsai Pot

Tofukuji (平安東福寺) Bonsai Pot


The glaze on this pot is remarkable.  Would you use it for a tree or would you put it on a shelf to admire?  I think the later.

Another fine pot maker is Heian-Kouzan (平安香山). Several of his pots are available in the auction.  This particular one is one of my favorites.

Heian-Kozan (平安香山)

Heian-Kouzan (平安香山)


This is a familiar pattern for his pots – the peony on the left and the Chinese lion on the right. KJ (my wife) and I are lucky to own one of his pots. I future post will show this pot and how we acquired it.

A similar pot, to the one above,  in blue can be found on page 103 of Miyabi written in Japanese but with English.  If you only want to own one quality book on incredible bonsai pots this is the book to purchase. It currently retails for 6,000 Yen or about $64.

You can see the details of this book at the following URL, if you purchase it please tell Aketo that I sent you!


I have purchased numerous items from this site in Japan and have never had a problem with either the shipping or the quality of the item.

The Japanese version of the site can be found at: http://www.y-bonsai.co.jp.  Anything found on this site can be purchased via the American site if you ask Aketo to transfer the item across.

Well I hope this short article will increase your interest in high quality bonsai pots.  I hope to continue sharing with you more that I have learned about high quality Japanese and Chinese bonsai pots.