We have been home almost two weeks, where does the time go and we have had almost no time to post. This is what happens when you take a vacation your work is stacked up when you get home.  So today we thought we better do a post and what better than post the Japan Grand Prix – International Orchid Show for 2010 which was held in the Tokyo Dome.

This was our first large orchid show that we had ever attended, and we must say that it was a bit overwhelming.  Almost too much so.  There were so many orchid displays with so many flowers it became almost impossible to focus on a single flower.  So rather than us trying to describe to you what we saw we are just going to post pictures and let you see what you see.

We posted a few photos on our post Japan Trip – Day 10.  All of these photos are from Peter Tea with my doing some color correction work. Without Peter we would have many fewer photos of the show as I stupidly had not charged my camera in 9 days and after shooting almost 600 photos in ran out of power.  This is a testament to Canon’s cameras and their ability to hold a charge.

Well here goes – 22 photos from the show.  If there is enough interest, ping me and we can post much larger resolution images of these files.

Aquarium Full of Jellyfish

Aquarium Full of Jellyfish

This part of the exhibit was just fun. It was an aquarium full of color jellyfish just going crazy running around in the fast currents of the salt water.

Well we hope you enjoyed the photos.  There were many more but this is a good representative sample of what we saw at the show.

Well as promised we are going to do another large post on the Ueno Green Club.  Check back in a few days for that post.

Sam and KJ