For those who know us, we have been slowly selling our bonsai collection over the past few years.  We have debated for a long time if we should sell this tree and I have concluded that it is best to let it go to a new home.

Shimpaku Juniper

Shimpaku Juniper

This tree was originally a San Jose juniper and was grafted many years ago with Shimpaku.  The tree was styled by Daisaku Nomoto about six years ago.  The tree is approximately 20-inches tall and is very healthy.   This photo was taken at our BIB show and the juniper was thinned out this year (normal practice) since it isn’t be shown in January.  Click here for a larger photograph.

The tree is in a high quality Tokoname pot that I purchased about five years ago.  If you live in, or near, the Bay Area you can pick up the tree, and if you live elsewhere we can discuss the best way to ship the tree to you.

Payment can be made via check or via PayPal.  The price of the tree is $2,750.  Packaging and shipping to be determined based on the location of the buyer but at cost with no markup; receipts to be provided.

We hope that someone will enjoy the tree as much as we have.  If you have an interest in the tree contact me at samedge at pacbell dot net.

P.S. This tree won an International Award at the 2004 World Bonsai Contest and was voted Best in Show at the Midori Bonsai Club.