One of our readers requested that we post larger photos of the Green Club on our blog.  We are happy to do so.  We ask that you understand that these photos were taken very quickly as we walked through the Green Cub in February 2010.  Therefore many of the shots are not framed properly etc. We hope you enjoy them as there is tremendous detail of what is available at the Green Club. For those of you that don’t know the Green Club it is located in Ueno Park (Northwestern corner) and is where all of the Kokufu vendors setup for the show.  The building has three floors full of people selling everything imaginable related to bonsai and suiseki.  The parking lot outdoors is also converted into a sales area with many vendors setting up tables to sell trees, pots, stones, etc.  There is also a small outback building (long but thin) with even more vendors.  There are buses running between the Green Club and the Kokufu show that are provided as a courtesy – meaning they are free.

If you haven’t been able to make it to the show, we highly encourage you to do so.  Enjoy!

Greenclub Photographs 2010 - Click the Photograph to See the Photos

Greenclub Photographs 2010 - Click the Photograph to See the Photos

Note: These are large photos (2000 pixels) so they make take time to view depending on your network connection.  Feel free to right-mouse click and save them if you have interest in any of the photos.

Sam and KJ