According to Mario Komsta (who lives in Spain) posting on Facebook, a Japanese White Pine that hasn’t been exhibited since the 1940s was listed for sale, and sold at the Aspac Bonsai Suiseki show in Takamatsu Japan but we believe for less than the asking price.

A 100,000,000 ¥ Japanese Black Pine ($1,296,850.00)

A 100,000,000 ¥ Japanese Black Pine ($1,296,850.00)

Interestingly enough the pot does not come with the tree. You can purchase it for an additional $3,800,000 Yen or ~$493,000 US.  UPDATE: One of our blog readers indicated that the tree did come with this pot and that Bill’s remark was in regard to another pot at that price.  Thanks for the update Marc.

From the note that was attached to the Facebook posting – it was signed by Bill. So without being sure, I will attribute this photo to Bill Valavanis who I know is at the show.

Hopefully we will learn more about this tree and can share that in the future.  A pretty spectacular tree of historical importance.  We will post some photos from the show in the next day or so.