Today marks our 100th post since we began in August of 2009.  So it is only fitting to post about two pots that we added this summer to our collection of Tofukuji pots.

Heian Tofukuji (平安東福寺)

Heian Tofukuji (平安東福寺)

The first thing that struck us about this pot is the color.  This beautiful red was used sparingly by Tofukuji and the first time we have seen one for sale.  Akio was kind enough to bring it, with a few others, this last summer.  We were immediately struck by this pot and acquired it from him.  You know that feeling when you see a pot, pick it up and just know that you are not going to set it down again.

Several things to note about this pot: 1) today most small pots like this, or virtually all round pots, have a nice smooth top; Click the photo to see a larger image.  Also notice the side of the pots are not uniformed as they would be if thrown on a wheel.  This pot seems to have been formed by hand and therefore the “just off” feel that communicates to the eye that this pot has been created very carefully by hand.

Also notice the glaze (easier to see in the enlarged photo) and note the brushstrokes down the sides of the pot.  Today new pots seem to mostly have a glaze that is consistently placed on the pot and thereby removing the organic feel that this pot contains.

Heian Tofukuji (平安東福寺) with Mulberry Stand

Heian Tofukuji (平安東福寺) with Mulberry Stand

With this dark red pot, read heavy, attempting to find a stand that works is extremely difficult.  The mulberry stand being used it both light and airy.  Is it the perfect stand for this pot? No frankly it is not.  We attempted to use six other stands for this pot with simply unsatisfactory results.

We are going to see if we can find a very low profile stand for this Tofukuji to better harmonize with this most difficult pot to display. We attempted using a root stand (10cm) and the pot just overwhelmed the stand. It actually looked better on a 25cm root stand believe it or not. In an upcoming post, we will show you the various combinations and let you vote on what you think works – or not.

Heian Tofukuji (平安東福寺)

Heian Tofukuji (平安東福寺)

This is the second Tofukuji pot we acquired this summer.  It is being displayed on a Rikizo stand.  This is a more typical glaze by Tofukuji and is seen on a great number of his pots.  This pot has a more classical form and has many uses.

Would we use this pot in an exhibit – likely if we had the right tree. However, we don’t so this pot is being displayed in one of our display cabinets at home.

One of the reasons we really enjoy suiseki and pot collecting is that we can display them in our home.  Thus enjoying them every time we walk past them which is dozens of times per day.

We hope you enjoy seeing Tofukuji’s work as he was a master in glaze, texture and form.  In the next few days, we will post on two more pots we acquired from Akio and a beautiful boxwood root stand acquired from our good friend Peter Tea.

Lastly, we want to thank you our readers for the kind comments you have shared with us over these last 100 posts.  In the beginning thanks to Janet for suggesting WordPress to communicate our love for suiseki, bonsai and pots.  To Jeff, Jonas and Peter for their encouragement via their kind words that they were enjoying our posts. To Mas whose love for suiseki has inspired us to fall in love with it as well. To Boon whose love of bonsai and talent in creating them gave us the courage to join his club to attempt to participate and thrive in a most difficult art form.

Lastly, and most importantly, to KJ who allows me to sometimes (read often) spend more of our income on this art form that we likely should.