Our schedule has been truly hectic.  With work, our church small group, our taking a year’s worth of college courses (3 more months to go!) it sometimes seems we don’t have time to post.  There is such a backlog of new pots, stones, stands, ten-pai and other things that have been added to our collection and we haven’t even had time to photograph those so that we can post about them.

One thing that we have been spending our spare time doing is studying Chinese Scholar Stones.  My original view was that we would stay primarily with suiseki, but KJ really likes many of the scholar stones so that seems to be an area of interest for us lately.

You should check out Dr. Elias’ new web site: The Viewing Stone Association of North America or VSANA for short; click the link to visit the site.  It takes a real love of something to spend one’s time creating a website/blog.  KJ and I truly appreciate the dedication and time it requires to start this site but also to keep it up to date and relative.   So our thanks to Dr. Elias and everyone on his team for executing their vision of something they are so passionate about.

Viewing Stone Association of North America

Viewing Stone Association of North America

This is the first site that I’m aware of in North America that focuses on these types of stones from China.  The site is excellent. It provides you with insightful articles, an excellent set of references for books, DVDs, and articles etc. on these types of stones. We also appreciate that Dr. Elias is informing of us where we can find stone markets in China. We are thinking of adding these stops to our next trip to Japan.

Some of the newer reference books can be found on Amazon such as those by Kemin Hu; we highly recommend her books.  Older books can be quite difficult to track down but we are using eBay and other sites that like The American Book Exchange to help us locate them.

We hope you will support Dr. Elias by visiting his site.  KJ and I also highly recommend that you pick up a few of these excellent books, including Dr. Elias and Hiromi Nakaoji’s 2011 book entitled Chrysanthemum Stones, The Story of Stone Flowers.  We did a post about this book which you can read here: Click this link.

Thanks everyone,
Sam and KJ