We have mentioned how much we are enjoying Dr. Tom Elias’ new web site on Chinese Viewing Stones.  This month he has published several new articles including one on a new stone show called the Rochers de lettrẻs itineraires de l’art en Chine or Scholars’ Rocks, Itineraries of Chinese Art.

There is a very informative article written here.  Just click to see the article.  While searching for the show catalog, we ran across a video of some of the stones arriving and it runs about 2 minutes long. Be patient though as after this video another video starts showing some of the actual stones in the show.  You can find it at this link:


Click to go to their site to view the videos.

There is a show catalog but we have yet to determine how we can purchase it.

Exhibition catalog:
Rocks of scholars, art itineraries in China;
Edited by Catherine Delacour;
Co-edition Guimet Museum of Asian Arts / RMN Grand Palais;
164 pages;
130 color illustrations;
Format: 22 x 28 cm, paperback
Indicative price: € 39

You might try this email address:

Cultural and educational service:
tel. : 01 56 52 53 45
fax: 01 56 52 54 36
email: resa@guimet.fr

The stone web site using Google translate: Click here.