As our prior post communicated, we had a short tanseki to the Eel River last week.  One of the stones we brought home is shown below.

A beautiful stone from the Eel River

A beautiful stone from the Eel River (38cm x 24cm)

When I saw this stone just about 7 feet from the rivers edge it was just laying on the ground.  I’m not sure if someone had walked by it and just left it there or simply no one had seen it yet.  With the Eel River dropping this time of year and its location some 7 feet from the river’s edge, I assume it had been there in the open for at least a month or more.

The first thing I noticed was the darkness of the stone and this almost pink to yellow flow from the top of the stone down its side and curving around the bottom.  I took this photo quickly today with my iPhone and will take better photos when I setup the studio again.  There is a slight pool at the top of the stone and then flowing down the stone is what to us looks like the Milky Way.

The Milky Way

The Milky Way

The first question I ask myself is if this would be a suiseki?  What do you think? Frankly I’m not sure.  Is it a high mountain area with a peak on the left and a lake at its feet with a wide waterfall roaring down the side of the escarpment?

Is it a just a view of the night sky as we often peer into the dark universe looking in amazement at a galaxy as it reaches across that vast dark void?

I’m not sure – and it is exactly what I love about this stone.  It provides me with many visual clues that can be interpreted in many ways. Isn’t that somewhat the essence of suiseki?  The fact that we can gaze upon a stone like this and our mind’s eye takes over and we can see many things in it.

I approximate the weight of this stone at close to 50 pounds or more. This of course is the largest stone in our collection and provided Mas with many laughs as he knows that we tend to only collect small stones and suiseki.  The fact that he held great appreciation for the stone makes it even more endearing to us of course, the fact that this stone is at least 10x larger than anything in our collection makes us both laugh at the irony.

But as often in life, sometimes there are just things to valuable to not pick up!

We hope this stone invokes your imagination as well and that you will share with us what you see in it.

Best wishes,
Sam and KJ