Our last post contained a stone that to us looks like observing the Milky Way in the evening summer sky.  I can recall fly-fishing in Yellowstone Park in Montana in 1995 at Hubbard’s Lodge and flyfishing at night and just seeing the Milky Way blazing in the night sky.

Today as I was reading an article, I discovered the photography of Christoph Malin of Austria.  Many of you likely don’t know that my major in college was Astronomy and I had planned to be an astronomer from about the 9th grade. However, even though I majored in Astronomy I took a class that required computer programming (don’t even ask on what device) and I was off in a different direction.

Clouds and Stars by Christoph Malin

Clouds and Stars by Christoph Malin

The above photograph is quite stunning and I’m so very curious how he creates these shots.  If you like this then I highly recommend you view one of his videos located here: Astronomer’s Paradise.

We hope you enjoy this high-definition video.