Over time we have collected a few antique Chinese Pots and we thought today we would share three of them with you. These pots classified as naka-watari are aged between 100-200 years old.  Pots in the 200-300 year old range are known as ko-watari.  Very few people have those in the later category.

So let’s take a look at a few we have added to our collection.  As always click the photo for a larger view.

Antique Chinese Pot (15 x 10 x 4 cm)

Antique Chinese Pot (15 x 10 x 4 cm)

These pots have an exquisite patina.  Just to note these have not been oiled to improve the patina or shine.  Notice the lip on this pot. I would love to see how these were made.

Antique Chinese Pot (9 x 5 x 3 cm)

Antique Chinese Pot (9 x 5 x 3 cm)

Similar in design, note the lip, but the clay has a heavier concentration of white flecks in it.

Both of these pots are nearly perfect without chips or cracks.  How they survived this long speaks to the care given to them by the various owners over the decades.

Lastly is a pot you may have seen before when it was used in a show display with one of our Chinese Juniper bonsai.

Antique Chinese Pot

Antique Chinese Pot (~24 cm)

I have yet been able to obtain a translation of the text on the pot.  This pot is in excellent shape for its age but shows significantly more usage than the two pots above.  Again, note the similarity in lip design.

Even though the tree that was once housed in this pot has been sold, we continue to enjoy this older Chinese antique by displaying it in our home.

Any thoughts on pots of this style are always greatly appreciated.

Sam and KJ