Update – Spirit Stones has been released

Hi Everyone,  we received our copy of this new book this week and it is excellent.  One really doesn’t realize how large it is until you hold it in your hands. We really appreciate the format as each stone’s photograph is given a full page which allows you to see it in great detail. In the back of the book there is additional information such as stone type, dimensions, stone name and any historical details that might be relevant.

We highly recommend that you pick up a copy of this reasonably priced book.  I’m not sure if the introductory price required a pre-order or not.  You can obtain a copy of this book by contacting Dr. Elias at the following email address: tselias at msn dot com.

Sam and KJ

Our good friend Dr. Thomas Elias and Kemin Hu are publishing a new book on Chinese stones.  Dr. Elias and Ms. Hu have published numerous books on the history and art of viewing stones.

The book is being made an at introductory price of $70 plus shipping.  The published price will be $95 plus shipping.  This is a large format book at 12 x 15 inches and comes in a beautiful hard bound cloth binding in a nice slip case.

The book is 232 pages with 300 duotones. The text is by Kemin Hu and Thomas S. Elias. The photographs are by Jonathan Singer.

We highly recommend that you reserve a copy today by contacting Thomas at tselias at msn dot com.   The book should be available sometime mid January, 2014.

We have virtually all of Dr. Elias’ and Kemin Hu’s books and can highly recommend them.  Most of the books on Chinese stones have not been translated into English so it is a must for those who appreciate this art form to take advantage of those written and published in English.

Spirit Stones, The Ancient Art of Scholar’s Rocks

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