I’m happy to announce another group of Mas Nakajima’s suiseki are available for purchase. Thirty-one stones have been posted representing some of Mas’ finest collecting and daiza making.

Please take note, some of these stones are quite large and heavy. It is important to take notice that some will require you to work with Janet on finding someone to box and ship the stone. For smaller stones, Janet can manage these for you.Due to the volume of sales and the current Covid-19 environment, it may take a number of weeks before your purchase can be shipped. But I assure you the wait time is less than you going up to the Eel River, finding a stone, letting it develop it’s patina and then making a daiza for it!

Many of these fine suiseki are going to go quickly…just a warning. In the event that the perfect stone for you is not in this list, there will be future sales. Thank you for your consideration and enjoy viewing them on her website.

Click here to go to the sales page!