Table of Contents


Suiseki Stands
Suiseki Photography—Part 2
An Introduction to Suiseki By Matsuura Arishige (©2010)
Suiseki, The Personal Art
Suiseki Photography
Chrysanthemum Stones by Thomas S. Elias and Hiromi Nakaoji
Stone Collecting
GBSF 2010 – Suiseki on Display
GSBF – Suiseki Panel Discussion
Kuhl Lites – Table Top Photography
Suiseki Bridge Stones
Northern California Suiseki Stones
Danseki – Terrace or Step Stones
Suiseki – A Small Display
Koji Suzuki – Diaza Artist
Using Stand with Suiseki
Hut Stones 1,2,3…
Suiseki or Shohin Stands by Rikizo
What a Difference a Diaza Makes!
Kiri wood boxes for Suiseki and Bonsai
Suiseki – Wave Stone
Waterfall Stones (taki-ishi)
Doha Suiseki
Sugata-ishi or Figure Stones
Kuzuya-ishi – Or Thatched Hut Stone
Suiseki, Doban & Stand
Eisho Wakahara — Tenkeibutsu or Tenpai
American Suiseki – A National Book?
More Stands…Part I
More Stands…Part II
Willi Benz
Danseki — A Quiet Stone
The Viewing Stone Association of North America (
Is it Suiseki?
Rochers de lettre?s itineraires de l’art en Chine
BCI Stone Auction
The 51th Nippon Suiseki Meihinten
A Summer Tanseki on the Eel River
A Stone from the Eel River
Milky Way…
The Beauty of a Black Stone

Bonsai Nursery or Shows

Aichi-en Bonsai Nursery
Shinji Suzuki—Part 2
Shinji Suzuki—Part 1
2011 Bay Island Bonsai Exhibit
Masahiko Kimura
Incredible Nebari
Shimpaku Juniper for Sale
Japan Grand Prix – International Orchid Show 2010
Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival 2010
2008 Shohin Bonsai Association Auction
2009 Japan Shohin Bonsai Association Auction
2010 Japan Shohin Association Auction
Memories – Photographing Your Trees
2011 Japan Shohin Bonsai Association Auction
The 100,000,000 ¥ White Pine
11th ASPAC in Takamatsu — Part I
11th ASPAC in Takamatsu — Part 2
11th ASPAC in Takamatsu — Part 3
Bay Island Bonsai 2012 Exhibit
Kunio Kobayashi — Shunkaen Bonsai Garden
Takanori Aiba – Bonsai Architectural Masterpieces
Lord of the Rings “Bag End landscape”
Redwood Empire Bonsai Show – a few stones

Bonsai Pots

Akio Kondo’s visit to Boon’s—Part 2
Akio Kondo’s visit to Boon’s—Part 1
Bonsai Pots—Kouzan
Bonsai Pots—Tofukuji
Bonsai Pots—Ryokujuan Tosui
What Makes a Bonsai Pot Beautiful?
Bonsai Pots—Seifu Yohei
Heian Kouzan Bonsai Pots
Bunzan Pots
Bonsai Pot Books to Own
Heian Tofukuji
Bonsai Pots—Gekkou Ito
Small Stands, Pots, Dobans – Part 1
Small Stands, Pots, Dobans – Part 2
Small Stands, Pots, Dobans – Part 3
Bonsai Pots—Tsukinowa Yusen
Exhibition of Contemporary Artists
Pots by Daisuke Sano
Heian Tofukuji A Few New Ones
Kouzan & Tsukinowa Yusen — Bonsai Pots
A Few Chinese Pots
Hirohisa Shimizu Stands—Part I
Hirohisa Shimizu Stands—Part II
Hirohisa Shimizu Stands—Part III
Heian Tofukuji — Post 100
Gekkou Ito
Takeyama Fukushima
Peter Tea’s Visit
Hand painted bonsai pots – Do you like them?
Tsukinowa Yusen (?????)
Tsukinowa Yusen (?????) – In Search of an Answer
Sou-zan Koto Pot
Japanese Porcelain Pot
An Antique Seto Japanese Bonsai Pot
Naka-watari – Antique Chinese Pots
A Cloud Shaped Antique Japanese Porcelain Pot

Green Club

Kokufu—Green Club 2011
Ueno Park-Green Club
Ueno Green Club – Part 1
Ueno Green Club – Part 2
Green Club Auction for Professionals – Part 1
Green Club Auction for Professionals – Part 2

Trips to Japan and Miscellaneous Posts

Japan Trip – Day 1
Japan Trip – Day 2
Japan Trip – Day 3
Japan Trip – Day 4
Japan Trip – Day 5
Japan Trip – Day 6
Japan Trip – Day 7
Japan Trip – Day 8
Japan Trip – Day 9
Japan Trip – Day 10
Japan Trip – Day 11
Sierra Junipers
Our Condolences to Yoshi Nakamizu and His Family
Sringtime in the Greenhouse
Preparing for Japan 2010
Yoshihiro Nakamizu
Welcome to Our Blog
Ken To – Wire Bonsai Trees
Bonsai and Accent Pots
Suiteki — Part I
Suiteki — Part II
Suiteki — Part III
Sierra Junipers
Past Trip to Japan
Henk Fresen Bronze Sculpture
Kiri Wood Boxes by Jerry Braswell

Updated: 10/19/2012


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  1. excellent!!!

  2. Hi Sam and KJ, is there a way to contact you via email? Would love to discuss sharing your work with other college students interested in East Asian art forms!

  3. john smilth said:

    hi i wanna buy pots from you..please provide your email to contact

  4. Hello Sam and KJ,

    I am a sculptor from Germany focusing on naturalistic Tenpai. I would like to show you my work.

    Is there a way to contact you via email?

    Thank you and have a nice day!

    Saad Khayar

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