KJ and I have discussed for a while if we should sell a part of our collection of stones, stand and the like. After much discussion, a site was built to do just that.

The commerce website contains some fine suiseki from Japan and viewing stones from the United States and China. A number of bonsai pots, dobans and suibans are available; primarily sourced from Japan but also elsewhere.

Stands, which seem to be hard to find these days, are also available in different shapes and sizes; most are from Japan and were imported many years ago.

Check out the bronze given to us from Mr. Saburo Kato’s family shortly after his death. This would be a wonderful display piece with either a stone or tree.

Bronze Temple from the Saburo Sato Collection

There are also a number of books; primarily bonsai books with a few suiseki catalogs. Lastly, there are about 60 deep sky photos that can be printed from ~12 inches to as large as 60 inches. If you have interest in the photos, just email us and we can discuss sizes and finishes. Our home as M42, the Great Orion Nebula, hanging above our fireplace. It was printed 52-inches square on canvas.

M42 – The Great Nebula in the Constellation of Orion

We attempt to ship within 24 hours of an order. International orders can not be competed directly from the website. Just email us with the SKU number and we can make arrangements to ship things to you.

Feel free to browse and we thank you for doing so!

Lastly, if you would like for us to help you sell something similar to what we have listed, just reach out to us and we can discuss…

Sam and KJ